Cost of fabric structures

How much do fabric structures cost?

Most of what Aerosail Engineered Fabric Structures manufactures is a custom design and therefore the following should be considered indicative.

Simple Structures Complex Structures
Permeable shade sail structures AUD$ 70 – $110/m2 AUD$100 – $120/m2
3D Permeable shade sail structures AUD$ 90 – $120/m2 AUD$ 120 – $130/m2
Frame supported shade sails AUD$170 – $250/m2 AUD$200 – $320/m2
TMG Waterproof PVC sail structures AUD$140 – $180/m2 AUD$180 – $275/m2
3D TMG Waterproof PVC sail structures AUD$180 – $280/m2 AUD$260 – $385/m2
Frame supported TMG waterproof sails AUD$370 – $500/m2 AUD$480 – $850/m2
PTFE Membranes POA

Factors which are known to adversely affect the above indications include the following;

  • The extent of non manufacturing including travel , accommodation and freight required by Aerosail and our Distributors.
  • The international competitiveness of the local market. Jurisdictions that are highly protective of local industry with artificial barriers to competition or high taxes and charges will cost substantially more.
  • The local availability of high strength structural steel, sophisticate steel fabrication facilities, suitable materials handling equipment.
  • Structures that have a high content of steel in the support structure or which are located in areas of poor soil conditions or restricted access.
  • Political and social environment stability.

Prices to do not include taxes, duties, engineering, statutory building compliance procedures, installation, freight.

Information is correct as at July 2010 assuming the following 350 mPa steel costs AUD$2400 tonne, Ready Mix concrete delivered AUD$230M3.