Shade – Cars

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Aerosail have a range of options suitable for motor vehicles sales, parking and storage.

Buyers of these products typically require protection from Hail, UV, heat, rain and snow.

When contemplating designs for covered car parking, consider who will be using it and how many “car movements” per day are involved. For regular users who are familiar with the car parking area designs with posts at the front of a car space are usually acceptable. For visitor, customer, or a very active employee parking area where lack of familiarity with the car park layout may be an issue, a horizontally cantilevered design is a better choice. Many countries have design rules for motor vehicles, road design and parking. These should also be considered before making a final decision on design.

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Motor vehicle sale yards usually have a high density of vehicles per 1,000m2 in order to maximise stock range and customer choice. Good designs minimise the number of structural support columns and position them to that they do not adversely interfere with the rotation of stock.

On commercial sites, obstructing the sight line to corporate signage is often a major factor in determining a design type. However care needs to be exercised to ensure a structure is not too high and reduce the efficacy of the coverage.

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