Aerosail specialise in the design, engineering. manufacture and installation of custom made shade cloth and waterproof tension membrane structures. Our primary area of work is in Oceania, Asia and North America.

The most popular use for our products includes;

  • shading carparks, swimming pools, playgrounds, basketball and tennis courts, cattle yards and aircraft hangars
  • waterproof el fresco dining areas, outdoor living areas, shopping areas
  • luxury eco tents and budget eco tents for remote locations
  • relocatable shelters for mine sites and work site
  • Energy saving solar screening and building heat reductions screens
  • Portable marquees.

Aerosail Capability

Design capability includes 2D and 3D computer assisted design. Fabric design includes non linear form finding, static and mixed non linear load analysis, load visualisation and patterning.

Fabric structure engineering and finite element analysis.

Fabric manufacturing capability includes computer controlled plotting and cutting, large scale shade sail production and high frequency welding.

Steel fabrication includes mig, arc and tig welding, plasma, oxy acetelene and wet saw cutting.

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