Business Opportunity

Aerosail Engineered Fabric Structures are seeking to expand our Distribution network and would welcome inquiries from Australia, North America, South East Asia and Europe. Most of our Distributors see an Aerosail Distributorship as an additional product line in their established business. If you are selling play ground equipment,sport court surfaces, building products, swimming pools, blinds, awnings, skylight lights then Aerosail products are an ideal fit.

The following are some of the reasons why you should consider Aerosail’s Engineered Fabric Structures;

  • Aerosail have been designing and manufacturing tension membrane structures for almost 30 years and are a pioneer of the products development.
  • Aerosail work with a wide range of materials includes permeable knitted shadecloth, PVC /PVDF coated polyester, PVC coated polyester mesh, polyethylene from 15 different mills. We can sew or weld most materials.
  • We have our own steel fabrication division, which is important for some complex designs.
  • When you deal with Aerosail, there is no middle man, you are buying at factory prices.
  • We are used to doing custom work, in fact 95% of our business is custom designed. Many contractors have difficulty in building support structures with a suitable accuracy so our cut and manufacture to suit the “as built” structure is used on most projects.
  • We are committed to supporting our distributors to the exclusion of others. It is cheaper and more efficient for us to use one of our trained Distributors on international projects  because they are better positioned to manage commercial, cultural, legal and operational issues on site
  • You have direct access to our design staff.
  • We guarantee our manufacturing to be free of defects.
  • Aerosail staff are highly skilled users of the latest technology for designing, cutting and manufacturing tension membranes for pin point accuracy. This includes Autocad for 3 dimension structural design and modelling, Forten 3000 and MPanel for membrane design and membrane analysis, Aeronaut plotter/cutter  for membrane cutting.
  • We have extensive experience in large commercial projects including over 300 projects in the range of  200 m2 to 5,000m2. We can supply project management services if required. This is particularly comforting for new distributors.
  • Aerosail can provide a engineered solution for your tension membrane projects including membrane analysis using Forten 3000, however we are mindful that most jurisdictions have licensing requirements for structural engineers and we are pleased  to work on a collaborative basis with your engineer. Our consulting engineer has over 25 years and 100’s of projects experience in fabric structures.
  • Aerosail have extensive experience at working in remote areas and internationally including, Australasia, Asia, North America.