Shade – Education



Passive solar radiation protection (Shading from UV) in open playgrounds is a major problem for schools. Aerosail’s engineered fabric structures are a cost effect and practical alternative to the trees.

Basketball Courts and Assembly Areas

Over basketball/netball courts Aerosail Summit and Peak are the recommended solution.

  • They provide excellent coverage,
  • Can have a mixture of  colours for visual stimulation,
  • Are an economical solution,
  • Are a very strong design,
  • Provide good clearance over playing area,
  • Are a reduced vandalism risk


The benefits of our engineered fabric structures over trees are as follows;

  • Shade from the product is immediate. You don’t need to wait years for them to grow.
  • The shading requirement can be measured and installed with a degree of certainty
  • The structures behaviour under various weather conditions is calculable and predictable because they are engineered by external consultants.
  • On going maintenance is minimal because they do not drop branches or leaves, nor do they require a 6 monthly check up from an arborist. However an inspection every 3 – 5 years is prudent.
  • They are safe because they do not drop branches or fall over
  • They do not impact on other infrastructure’such as undermining foundations or getting into drains and they do not have roots which create a trip hazard

Swimming pools

Over large swimming pools the Aerosail Peak, which has no centre column, is the recommended design.

Covered walkways

We have two designs suitable for covered walkways. The elegant wave is by far the most popular choice. For high visual impact, the Madonna conics are hard to beat.

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