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Aerosail’s protect children from heat exhaustion, sunburn and skin cancer in later life. They also protect expensive playground equipment from UV degradation.

Design and Compliance

An accredited playground inspector should also be appointed by you to coordinate the overall design (equipment type, layout, shade structure, soft fall) of the playground  to ensure it is practical and complies with standards and statutory requirements.   In Australia the relevant standard is AS 4685 and in Europe EN 1176. The above is very complex and should not be undertaken by persons who do not have proper training and certification. When the project is completed the playground inspector should issue a certificate stating the playground complies with specific standards and statutory requirements.

When designing playgrounds careful planning of the equipment layout can save $1,000’s in the cost of shade structures. For this reason we recommend that you involve us in the early stages of design.

Barrel Vault

This Aerosail arched type structure is ideal for covering high play equipment and where waterproof fabric is a requirements


The Aerosail Marauder is another design suited to playgrounds with high play equipment and where central columns or wire rope backstays are not an option. This design can incorporate anti climbing features to reduce  the risk of vandalism.

NB The Barrel Vault and the Marauder are more expensive than other designs because of the extra steel content.

Aerosail Summit

The perfect choice for large play grounds with minimal use of columns due to the peaks large clear span capability. High centre with low side provide excellent shade coverage

Aerosail Peak

The Aerosail Peak is the logical choice where it is not possible to use a central column due to fall zone requirements.

Aerosail Wave

An attractive design for sand pits and low play equipment.